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Les Pop-Up de Chanel

Sigh, Chanel is at it again.  Last fall they wowed the beauty world with the most fabulous color Jade and now that the summer is almost here, u can’t expect any less than ‘Les Pop-Up de Chanel”.  Peter Phillips creates a vibrant collection of make-up from bronzers, lip gloss, to the infamous Chanel nail lacquers.  I won’t talk about anything but les vernis as they are the most exciting.

The Nouvelle Vague looks similar to the Jade but springy, more like an easter egg turquoise.  While I appreciate the fall shade, Jade, and this spring’s Nouvelle Vague, I tend to wear more natural colors.  But for those that take risks, trust me this color will POP.  This collection make me dream of a trip to the beach.  I can picture tanning on the white sand with my white and purple embellished bikini wearing none other than Riviera.  While, on the other hand, Mistral reminds me of a more of a fun summer color yet still appropriate for the office.

They won’t be out for another month, but trust me as soon as they are, I would make sure I’d get my hands on one of those.  Maybe all three!


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